How well you know your kid?


One of the most important things that a school may want to find out from parents is how well you know your kid. Obviously, this is something that you may not be able to get done in a day or two. To know your kid you have to spend time with him/her, play with them, as they say, spend some quality time with them. This helps not only in school admissions but also in growth and development of your child. If today you do not spend time with your kid, tomorrow when you will expect them to be with you they will not be, since you never taught them to spend time together. Actions speak louder than words, this cannot be more correct in any other scenario than this.


Coming back to the topic schools try to explore this bond between parents and kids and some of the questions that may be directed to explore this could be


1. How do you spend time with your child?

2. What do you do when your child throws tantrums?

3. Kid’s Favorite color, game, food, pet, friend etc

4. What does your child like doing most.

5. What make him happy or sad?

6. How do you make sure that your child eats a balanced diet?

7. Who has been taking care of the kid at home?

8. What are your aspirations for your child?


These are just some pointers, be prepared with your answers. However as I already said, best thing to do is take out some time from your daily life, spend time with your kid.


Believe me you that will bet the best spent time of your day!


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