We at SchoolAdmissionIndia.com have a motto… "Follow Rules". Following rules is cool today it is going to be cool tomorrow…

 I am sure all of you would agree that parents are the first teachers for the kids if we do it right the kids will learn right things… How many time have you heard your kid saying “Papa/ Mom the traffic light is red we need to stop” and how many times have you jumped it without paying any attention to him/her. We all want to teach the best things to our kids, we want to send them to the best of schools; we want them to grow up into best and most successful individuals. But, when it comes to teaching them we teach them wrong things. Always keep in mind, the parents are the first and most important teachers for kids. And our actions speak louder than our words. So follow all rules and our children will grow up into law abiding citizens.

 All of us at some point have wanted to change the world and always wondered why don’t “these people” change… well change starts from you, if you can’t change yourself you can’t change the world!

 Our kids are going to shape up the future of India. Teach them the right things and we will have a lot safer and a lot more shining India!

 This is the spirit of www.SchoolAdmissionsIndia.com. If you like it follow and help us spread the word. If you don’t, we will still provide you all the information Smile


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