DPS Noida interview today

 I applied for DPS Noida on 2nd July . Checked my result on 25th July. Initially it was waitlisted but after  three days, status changed to shortlisted and got mail for interaction . Today we went to DPS Noida for Interaction.  First they  didn’t allow to enter and  asked to stand out of main gate and  we waited there for  half an  hour  and then allowed to enter . They had given us registration or application form to fill .  we also attached address proof , Birth certificate copy and two two photographs of parents and child. We paid Rs. 1500 for  prospectus and registration. . Then they took kids for 10 -15 mins. Asked them to Colour some picture , Recite a poem and few more . They there was interaction with Principal and she asked question. It was group interaction.. some more parents were also there. But questions were very  normal like

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Somerville School, Sector-22,Noida Interaction Experience

we were scheduled for 10am and reached there by 10. There at reception,a lady gave us a form to fill and told us to submit 500rs with address proof and child birth certificate copy. They accepted png gas bill as address proof. Then we were told to wait. After about 1 hr at 11.10 am, our number came. 

we went inside where principle was there along with a teacher. Child was told to sit with teacher. She asked his name ,tell her to identify animals,a poem ,colours. 

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Somerville school interaction 2nd Aug 2016

Let me put it straight away ,

We reached at 8:40 AM at school main gate but the security guard asked us to come exactly at 9:00AM, so we waited outside , other parents also did the same.

First at security gate, we made an entry into guest register and reached reception.

We showed our letter(which we received through courier) t receptionist, she made some entry into her list and gave us registration form.

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FAQ- Common questions for filling up Admission forms

General queries of parents while filling up form .. These answers are prepared on the basis of prior experiences of users.In case of any doubt, kindly check with school...


1.       Somerville send letters through which  Courier service ?

They have Their local Courier service.

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Journery of Noida Nursery Admission

It is challenging situation to get the Nursery admission in any dream school of Noida. As parents, we were not aware how to approach multiple schools with different criteria especially facing interview of 2-3 years old Kid who has just learning walk in nature.

During last year when we moved from Delhi with our twin kids, I found Noida Schools were different culture & every school has different guidelines, different announcement date or even different criteria towards for same age child.

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Amity International Noida- Interview Experience

I filled up form online and they had called all the applicants for first round  and gave longgggg questionnaire  which was time consuming and asked  questions related  to  school, family, background, qualification etc etc  During first round, there was a form with 30-40  questions , given to us to fill. The questions range from assessing our parenting skills to the educational and professional qualifications of  family.

Selection was based upon the answers, we wrote in questionnaire means you will be called for 2nd round only if you qualify written exam, Second Round which was an interview with the parents and the child. It  kept me thinking that nursery admissions have become tougher than cracking an IIT entrance test…..haha"

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DPS Noida Interaction and questions

My  DPS Experience :

Being  old user of this site, got a mail to share my personal experience with users of site. I would love to share my experience because I too got soo much help from online forums because this is the  place where you get queries of your answers. Otherwise schools don’t pick calls and don’t answer your queries.

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is my son is eligible for admission in nursery for 2015-16

Hi My son is 2 year old , his DOB is 2nd July 2013

 Please advise me can he is eligible to get the 

Admission in nursery batch 2016-17.


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C.C.A School Gurgaon , Admission for Nursery


 I am seeking for admission in CCA School Gurgaon for my Daughter in Nursery . Already my elder daughter is studying   , how can i get the admission there since i heard that Owner not take admission of sbilings.



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Nursery Admission Ghaziabad 2015-2016


We need some help in shortlisting schools for our 3 year old son's nursery admission for the year 2015-2016.

Request the experienced members to help us through.


Arati Goel 

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