Kothari Nursery Interaction 2019-20

Interaction was at 8:15 AM.They gave us a form to fill up about everything about child and second form for general information with brochure.All rooms have AC and sitting arrangement was good,they provide us biscuits and coffee.

We were filled up that form in the meanwhile child have a interview with other children in a separate room,we were not with them.My child was not comfortable there so, they allowed me to be with him.He used to wake up at 8 AM so he was feeling sleepy little bit and not interested to get involved in any activity at 9 AM.Anyways,they asked shapes,rhymes,colors and crayon with drawing sheet with mouse picture.My son was happy to fill color in the mouse picture and said mickey mouse,not just mouse.He also sing and rhyme "wheels on a bus",replied no,yes,ha ha answer on "johny johny" rhyme.He also recognized circle but moreover he was not so much ready for interaction because of early timings as he woke up at 6:30 AM.

Now,a teacher gave us whole information about the school about one and half hour.We saw the infrastructure and all the facilities with her.There were 6 sections of nursery class,children were very energetic and enjoying the atmosphere.Every section have around 24 students.Kothari mostly pointing on grooming of the child rather than force learning.My child enjoyed auto ride for 20-30 mins with other children.We saw classrooms,labs,computer rooms,playground,music room,canteen where they were serving food to children,kitchen was full of hygiene,bathrooms....

Then they told us to have a separate meeting with principal.We were waiting for half an hour and we had a meeting with principal,she asked with my husband why he chooses Kothari for his child and she asked with me,what do you have in your child,which you do not have and you want in him.Then she asked for if anything we wanted to ask with her.

After that we waited for some time and then they showed us fee structure.The asked to wait for 1 or 2 days for results.

My comments:- Infrastructure and facilities are good as per fees(will be around 3 lacs per annum) ,no doubt.There attention towards english is also a nice thing as all subjects are in english and it is good for today's survival at every place too.The way teacher explained good things about school is really appreciated.Fees will not increased very much each year(I guess might be 10%),because when they explained us fee structure,they did not have 2019-20 fee structure,they had last year fee structure,they mentioned it will be increased by some percentage.Overall interaction was pleasant.The bad part which I really didn't like was they continuously defame other schools,I do not want to mention the name of schools.But this is not the way to show or explain your achievements or features by defaming other schools badly.We really compelled to think,if they down others like this,how our child will learn from them....

Let's see what will be finalized.

Bal Bharti School Noida Nursery 2019-20 Session Interaction Experience

Today, it was a rainy and full of humid day in the morning,we had a interaction in Bal Bharti School,Noida.Sitting arrangements for interaction were in library room.Library room size was not too large.They provided cold water,that's really nice.They were calling by serial number, we were waiting for aroung 45 mins and then we were called for interaction another library room,that might be for junior wing students.Two teachers were there, one of them seems senior one.They were very polite,senior one asked some questions with us and another one took my child's interview.Very few general questions asked by them, like, tell us about yourself(parents).Are you both working? They asked some flash cards with child. Do you like cake? They also asked about child is fully potty trained or not.

My child asked for toffee all the time,they gave him 2 toffies one by one,but he just finished that toffies fast and asked for another one,they both teachers were very decent and treat my child very calmly and patiently.My son gave all the answers,all the flash cards correctly but he didn't give answer,does he like cake or not.

Overall our interaction was great......

Infrastructure of Bal Bharti, as per fees is low, no cooling in the interaction rooms, class rooms was ok. They interact with the child in hindi but asked questions with us in English. Library was also not so large, not much space for study in library.Overall fees is not nominal as per infrastructur. Views and experiences can be totally different, no doubt. School is good but definetely need more improvement as per the fees. My son is selected,results are really prompt.Interview time was 10 AM and results declared on approx 2PM.

My DPS Noida Interview Experience -2018-2019 by Dr. Priyanka

Shared by our user Priyanka Joshi:

DPS Noida

DPS Noida admission process for nursery class started very early this year. The online admission forms  got open on 21 June till 30 June 2017 but later it got extended till 24 July 2017.

Anyways on 8 July I came  to know that their  admission  forms are 0pen. we filled the online form after  submitting the form online a login id and password was issued to us, which we had to use to check the status of our online form.

The first list of the short  listed  candidates  were suppose to come on 28july  but it got delayed due to some technical reasons and on 3 august2017 they updated it and we had to login id and  password  to check  status.

Around 10:30pm I checked  my status  and found that we were selected  for interaction  on 17 Aug 2017  at 8:30am. Their interaction process started  from 9 Aug. 2017 and continued for approx.  15 days  every day they called  somewhere  around 30-35 parents per day.

Many parents who were called on 9- 10 Aug. for interaction their result came by 12 aug'17. This made us very apprehensive at that moment.

On 17 aug17 at 8:15am we reached school gate. it was clearly mentioned that gates  will open for the parents  only  at the allotted  time. That day there were somewhere around25 parents n kids for interaction.

We were taken to a hall which had 2 desks n two covered rooms. At the 1st desk we had to deposit 1500 Rs collect prospectus, stick photos and sign on the form printout  provided  by school, attach birth certificate and address proof. we again had to submit this form to the  other  desk where we got a questionnaire  which had a few questions  like


  • Spare the rod spoil the child comment?
  • how can u inculcate  social skills in your child?
  • why DPS for your child?

while we were filling the questionnaire  my kid name was called for interview. Firstly he had to go alone for five minutes then after that one of the  parent had  to join.

When he was alone he was asked to do colouring n jumping  this is what  my kid told me then when I joined him, I saw there were 5 -6 desks n one teacher was interacting  with one kid.  my kid was asked to put beads in the thread one by one, then she showed a picture  to him which had sky land and water then some item were shown like helicopter, ship duck clouds car rainbow tree horse teacher asked him what is it and where will it go, there was a 4 piece puzzle of lion, showed him different fruits  and vegetables like potatoes, eggplant, lady finger banana  grapes and apple and asked him what is it and where will it go in fruit basket  or vegetable  basket,  pattern matching  ( 2 pink, 2 yellow) asked him arrange in a similar  way, showed him a sheet  which had pic of 6 items like mango burger fan etc. asked him what is it and then turned the sheet had asked  him to recall the items which he just saw in the sheet, he was  asked to recite  a poem also then we were asked to go and wait outside.

We were then taken to another hall where we were shown DPS  history and then jungle book movie.


We passed an hour watching the movie then we had an interaction with principal  and a teacher  where 5 parents  were called with their kids in a room and were  seated  in round table and  one by one we had to introduce  ourselves. That’s it we were then told that results will be out on 23 Aug. 2017 we had to check our status. on 23 Aug. 2017 afternoon we were glad to see that our kid was selected for Admission and we had to pay a draft of 1 Lac on 25 Aug. '17.



Dr. Priyanka Joshi

My Amity International Noida Interview Experience - 2018

As Shared by our User  Priyanka: 

Amity international school Noida   :  On 31 July 2017 AIS Noida started with their nursery class admission . Eligibility  for nursery class was 3 + years as on 31 march of the academic year of which admission is required. We had to fill the online form and had to deposit Rs. 300/- processing  fee via credit card. I filled the form on 2nd Aug. 2017 and right after submission of form online got 4 Aug. 2017  3:30 pm as time to submit the hard copy of the form. We reached the school on given time and were guided to a respective class room where we had to submit the form. Everything was well organised. After we submitted printout of our form we were given a questionnaire which was supposed to be completed in 40 minutes no extra  time was given later  on as other lot of parents were allotted time  after  an hour.   For the form submission only one parent was  required  to come and child was not suppose to come. Although I went with my husband and child and would recommend if both the parents  go for the same as it helps them to discuss and fill the questionnaire. Its better not to bring the child for this   

The questions  were like

·         Educational qualification of both parents,  paternal and maternal grand parents their job profile their achievements, 

·         Then their  were some questions on parenting like 

·         - How to deal with a restless child.

·         - How would you deal if your child is not able to cope up with the studies

·         - How would you deal if your child is bullied or bullies other children

·         - What would you do if your child brings the tiffin unfinished

·         -What values you want to inculcate  in your child

·         -How can you contribute in the growth of your child

·         - Your expectations  from the school

·         -How would you deal if your child misbehaves in public

·         -Is behaviour caught or taught 

·         -What do you think of current education scenario  

·         - Rate your preference distance from school , teacher  students  ratio, academics, extra curricular activities

·         -Who takes care of child if the mother is working

·         -How routine helps one   

We were not allowed to use the phones in the class so it is better to take educational information of child's grand parents in advance The result of the first interaction which is subm8ssion of form printout  and filling n submitting this questionnaire  came on 9 August 2017 Then on 11 Aug.  2017 we had to go for second and final interaction  For this both the parents with kid were  suppose to come We had to take the print out  and fill a one page form sent to us We had to take the original birth  certificate  with original address proof .  After verifying  documents and submitting the one page form which had basic information of kid we were given a new questionnaire  to fill this time the questionnaire  was of only one page  

The questions  were   

1.    1. Why you chose  amity ?

2.    2. What are your dreams for your child ?

3.    3. What are the important things the school should have or do for pre school children?

4.    4. What is your opinion about creating a routine in a child’s life?

5.    5. Is mother  working  Yes or No if yes then who looks after the kid ?

6.    6.Is the child  in good health yes or No if no describe the illness ?

7.    7. Give the order of preference for the  following criteria you look for admission of ur child reputation,; extra curricular  activities;  student teachers  ratio; over all academic  result; sports; ranking  

After waiting  for 2.5 hrs our turn came we went inside  a room where 3 teachers were sitting out of which one was interacting with kid one was interacting with parents  and one was only observing parents she didn’t utter a word  during interaction 

  Questions asked from parents 

·         They asked us the school/ colleges where we completed our education

·         Our respective thesis topic and some details  about it ( as I am a PhD and my husband also pursuing the same )

·         Why have you chosen amity for your child

·         Our opinion on home work

·         What is the parent role in child’s education 

·         Do you think schools only should take care and are responsible for child’s education and over all development 

From the Kid :  Thread and beads  activity  I could see him doing and teacher was asking colours and rhymes  After  we were done a teacher  gave a toffee to my kid to which  he said thank you and then my kid recited a poem to which  all the smiled. Honestly I don’t know what they exactly asked  my child but this is what I saw as a teacher  was continuously  communicating with both of us and we were completely  involved in that conversation  it was not feasible  to listen to the questions they asked my child  and what my child responded   On 16 Aug. 2017 the result was to come. Initially  our result status showed " the second cleared list of admission will be declared  on 15 sept  2017"  I was surprises to see this status as our interaction  went quite well. But after two days  i.e. on 18 sept 2017 at late night  I randomly checked  my status via login id and password they had given at the time of online form submission  the status was changed and my kid was selected. We were given five days to deposit the fee draft  of Rs. 87775/-

  Some important notes

·         - reach  the interaction place on time

·         - keep our documents ready a night before interaction to avoid

·         -keep the kid’s  Adhaar card ready

·         -Photo copy of child's  birth  certificate 

·         -photo  copy  of parents highest qualification  certificate 

·         -id proof or adhar card copy of both the parents 

·         -passport size photos of both the parents and kid Employment certificate and income proof of working parents  

·         Keep the kid relax happy and calm for interaction  

·         Kindly arrange  kids sleeping and eating time  according to the time given to you for interaction  so that  they are not cranky            


Thank You

Dr. Priyanka Joshi

Cracking School Admissions

You are just about to feel stable in your life, after long sleepless nights and spending each minute thinking of your child, watching him grow and handling random tantrums these little creatures show.... But Hey! there is no time to relax. Your child has turned two and somewhere during month of July or August UP's Nursery school admissions start and so is the real struggle for you. The process is no easy to crack, something like CAT examinations. These days we parents have become so much concerned and it is our prime responsibility to have the best available school for our child. So were our aspirations too....

 We are first time parents, totally exhausted by usual sleepless nights, and juggling between our jobs and our aim to give undivided attention to our child for whatever time we get to spend with her. We stay in East Delhi and lucky enough to have a chance for looking a school in both UP and Delhi. During our journey of UP school Admissions, there were a few factors that I think we all parent should keep in mind while selecting schools. Special thanks to Anjali and SchoolAdmissionIndia to guide us through this journey at all times!

  1. Age: At this tender age, even a month makes a difference. Kids make so much progress each day that if we compare kids of 2.3 age with 2.5 kids, they show remarkable difference to which we parents react, ohh my child never speaks up. Or is just not ready to enter the interaction room. Kids grow at their pace, you cannot compel them for anything. Though it is important for you to get admission in best school but the age do play a role. Now considering the teachers who are involved in this process for a very long time now. They understand not each child is same. Hence are their expectations also, and trust me, each school would want to have a mix of students, because we never know who will perform at growing age when this difference would not matter. So be patient, this is not in our hands and just have faith in your child on whatever he is able to perform.

 2. PlaySchool: The concept of playschools play a huge role in building up social skills in your child. Some kids are not happy in going to school, and some adapt well. If they have a little exposure of school and are comfortable in interacting with teachers or peer group, its a plus. Similarly are the park visits each day. Ensure you take your child to park for play. They learn and grow lot better.

 3. Never bribe your child or give them a pressure that we are going for an interview. Do this and do that etc etc. I never told my child about interview. Just said you are growing up, we will take you to big school. I had let my child to be her own and had no expectations set. It helped her to ease with teachers as if they were her playschool teachers.

 4. Study about school:As parents it is very important you study about school you want to apply. Schools are very happy to hear good words about them and each school has a USP, like some has focus on sports, some on foreign languages etc. Better we are aware of it during interaction. It helps a lot.

 5. Learn some good parenting tips and try to follow them: I am usually in habbit of reading 1 or 2 article about child behavior and parenting tips. When I started filling up the school forms I could see maximum schools asked about how you handle your child or how you encourage them. All those tips and following them helped me in filling up forms way well.

 6. Take your child for a holiday somewhere in May or June: My daughter was very introvert. Unknowingly we went for a vacation with friends and during that week she interacted with multiple people. That trip was a blessing for us. We could notice immediately after the trip she was very open in communication. She still takes time to open up, but is not hesitant. Personally I feel as parents we must try this if possible.

 7. Working parents: Be prepared to justify well on how you spend time with your child. Schools are looking for some good ways you suggest on spending time with your child. Small points like you have meals together or weekends together help in gaining points.

 All above points are solely based on my experience with school interaction. Happy school entrance examinations!


Fastest Finger with Fr. Agnel Noida


Guys just be ready to play fastest fingers round with Fr. Agnel school while filling form online. Few important points for FAS Noida form submission. viz :


Ø  First keep an eye on the date when form will be out. This you can get through this forum and also can check through their site FAS Noida. As its mentioned there "Forms will be available only on first come first serve basis. Only the first 2000 applications will be accepted. The admission link will turn inactive soon after 2000 applicants register."


Ø  Child photo (Size is imp here as it should be of 20kb. There are many ways to do same one easiest way is Right Click ->Edit in Paint-> Resize.  Also there are free online tools available.


Ø  There is some session out time as well exactly don’t know but better you save info on notepad so you can do copy paste if session out.


Ø  Be Ready with the answer of following questions (Max Limit 250 Character)


1.    Why have you opted for this school?  


2.    Would you willingly agree with the principles of equality, love and brotherhood, and discipline required for such a growth ,which are central to the school? 


3.    What are your expectation from the school and the teachers with respect to your child? 


4.    Does your child suffer from a disability or ailment where the school has to be cautions in handling him/her? 


5.    In what ways can you help the school  in improving Education(can you provide career guidance, medical support, management consultancy, subject expertise & resource mobilization)? 


6.    What values would you like us to inculcate in your child.


7.    In case both the parents are working who looks after your child in your absence?


8.    Is there  any suggestion you would like to make to the school, about its norms and procedures or anything  that would help education in general and the School in particular?


9.    Do you have any concrete ideas to improve education in the School or at large?


After submit form online you will get a SMS with login details. You have to do login with these credentials and take the printout of form and acknowledgement slip and submit at the school. There was no fees at form submission .


Interaction at DPS Noida

Interaction at DPS NoidaWe were called for interaction at DPS Noida. There were around 30-35 students called in the same batch. though the email said the Interaction time slot is 8:30AM to 8:35 AM , the entire process took around 3 hours. So be prepared and carry some handy snacks like wafers, biscuits and water etc for the child. On entry, we were asked to pay Rs1500 for the school prospectus post which we were given a questionnaire to fill. This had basic information of the child and the parents. The questions asked were like who takes care of the child when both parents are working, Why would you choose DPS as a school for your child?While the parents are filling up the form, the child is taken to a differnet area. They allow the parents to accompany the child as well. Following were the activities the child had to do:


  • Recite a poem in Hindi and English
  • Pattern matching: There was a board where a square was formed with 4 beads of different colors. The child had to form an identical square using beads and match the color pattern as well. They even asked the child to identify colors in this activity
  • Put the shapes in the respective blocks (the shapes were small and not the usual square, rectangle ones.. they had given the long star, a shorter star, hexagon, trapezium etc type shapes)
  • A board having 5 boxes. 4 of these had a fish on it. From a set of items, the child had to identify the correct fish and place it in the 5th box which was empty. There were 5 such sets to be matched
  • Color identification: There was a duck of 2 shades. This was followed by 4 boxes having different colors. Child had to identify the box which had the same color combination as the duck. Again there were 5 such sets to be identified
  • Puzzle solving: A 4 piece puzzle (tiger) was given to be completed. There were no slots for the child to fit the puzzle pieces. It was just the cardboard cutout broken in 4 pieces to be joined by the child on the table
  • The child had to walk on a wooden ramp
  • The child was made to jump in and jump out of a ring
  • Fruits and Vegetables identification and classification: Pumpkin, brinjal, apple, strawbberry, banana etc were shown and the child had to identify them and put the fruits and vegetables in the respective baskets
  • Coloring Activity: The worksheet had grapes. So first the teacher asked to identify the object, then she asked what color are the grapes (expectation was that the child should answer both purple and green) and then they see if the child is picking up the right color and coloring


Post this, we were taken to a room where some facts on DPS were played on a projector. Then parents in set of 5 were called to meet the principal. There we had just a minute to introduce ourseleves and share any detail we want to share for our child.My daughter got selected for the final admission. On the day of admission, they have asked to deposit 1 lakh. Additionally there is an option to either pay 10k or 20k for the school Gaurvi that they run. The child has to be taken along for the final admission as there is a doctor who examines the child on the day of the admission. 

The Khaitan School, Noida -My interaction Experience and Questions asked

Hello everyone, today we had interaction at The Khaitan school, Noida at around 2.30pm, it was all well managed and organized as when we entered the gate,we were given id cards and in the reception we were given already filled id card for our baby. 

At the reception, we were asked to give 500 rupees for the school prospectus which was mandatory and then we were asked to wait there for our turn.

As we were first in the queue so one teacher came and she called us and took us to the interaction room where we were given a questionnaire to fill in limited time (approx 15 mins).

As I remember the following questoins were asked in the form:-

1. Why you want to select Khaitan school?

2. What habits you want to inculcate in your child?

3. What are your kid traits?

4. As a mother how much time you spent with your child and why its is important?

5. As a father how much time you spent with your child and why its is important?

6. Your views on inclusive education

7. Hobbies of your child?

8. Who will take care of child if both parents are working?

The above are the questions whuch I remenber and other details were normal like parents qulaifications and occupation details.

Then after some 10 mins , one teacher called the name of our baby and she were taken to some other room 

Likewise all kids were called one by one and were taken in some common room where they had their interactions and few gruop activities I suppose as parents were not allowed there.

After some 15-20 mins , one teacher came along with our baby and she asked us to go to another room for parents interaction with the principal.

We went to the waiting room ,snacks were served( tea and biscuits) and after some 20 mins the parents were asked to go to a big hall where three ladies were sitting in the front(Principle,Director and some other board member).

So, all the parents were asked to introduce themselves which took around half an hour approximately and after that the director told about the khaitan school (mission and vision and they put equal weightage for other co curricular activities, etc)

So this was all .. the results will be declared on 27 August (final selection of the ward).

Best of luck for the parents who have their interactions in future!!!

Hope this was useful.



The Khaitan School, Noida - Interaction Experience for Nursery Admission

I had interaction today at Khaitan.

Interaction time was 10.30. Entry was given at 10.25 am. Registration fees of Rs 500 was submitted at reception. 

They take the child separately in another room with other kids. (They offer "Gems" to the child to make them comfortable).

Meanwhile parents are asked to fill up 2 page questionnaire..simple questions.

  • 1. Share at least 2 hobbies of your child 
  • 2. Who takes care of child in your absence
  • 3. What do u think is inclusive education
  • 4. What value would you like to inculcate in your child
  • 5. How much time does father spend with child and how?
  • 6. What do you think about Khaitan ?  

Not sure what is being done in kid's room. My son did not tell me..what he did..

Then parents in group (around 20) are taken in separate room alongwith kids, where they are asked to give short introduction.

They then say few words about Khaitan. (3 ladies-->Co-ordinator, Principal and education minister).


How my child got selected in all schools- Sharing my experience

Success Rate goes to 100% by dropping one year

Every year thousands of parents go through the vital task of getting their ward into nursery class. While getting admission to play school is easy, the next step to formal school proves to be a life-altering decision for every parent. So much research... and time is spent on internet or asking around as to which school is the best and how to secure admission in any particular school. I too faced this dilemma... and I am writing here to help other parents with this journey.

My kid is March born so I was happy dreaming his year won’t get wasted as most schools consider 3+ for their session. But little did I know how wrong I was. Most schools open admission in the months of Aug-sep for the next session so that meant my kid was even less than 2.5 when these so called interviews happened. Naturally he didn’t performed/uttered a word in front of the teacher from the only school we got a call from. Disappointed we applied to various other schools but he didn’t get a call from anywhere. Now the decision had to be made- go to those all year long admission schools... or continue in playschool while trying next year.  After lot (and I mean lotssss) of contemplating we decided to let him continue in playschool... the reason we decided that was

i.                     He was too young to be sent off to far away formal school.

ii.                   He would learn better in a class of 20 and make a better base.


Schooling is an ongoing process. Once you put your kid in a system, he won’t get a chance to take a break or relax so considering that we waited. Out of 20 kids in his class only 9 stayed rest got admissions in formal schools. Next year came and we were fully prepared as we had gone thru the process last year. So never miss an opportunity to take your kid to a new environment even if he doesn’t speak u will experience it firsthand. Out of the 3 schools we applied for we got a call from 2 and the third school followed supreme court ruling so they selected by lottery. My son cleared his 2 interviews and we got results within a week. He got selected in all 3. As a parent it is easy to get anxious and we did too but getting anxious take you nowhere. Rather spend that time with your kid while explaining to him where u r taking him, What all will happen there, make a story out of it and practise basic questions with him on a daily basis. Every child is moody... but trust me when i say they have the capability to surprise us when the moment comes.




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