Summer is here and all of us are gearing up to conquer the warmth. With the mercury levels growing, we and our kids are in holiday mode too. This that time of the year all of us look ahead to. It’s that stage where schools are closed and the whole circle of relatives looks forward to staying at  home and indulging  their flavor buds. But, at the same time, it's far critical to ensure that the meals we are eating are safe, says a nutritionist with best school at Dwarka, Delhi. We all understand that we should devour clean meals as the warmth can damage the meals. However, we additionally should ensure, that the food we are ingesting won’t cause any harm to our kids.


In the summer season, with the rising temperature, our body temperature additionally is going up. So, we have to avoid ingesting things which could increase the heat in our body. Already due to heat, we are becoming irritated and exhausted, so it is necessary that we keep away from any meals which would make it tougher for our kids.


Let us find the list of foods which we must stay away from in order to keep our child cools and healthy during the scorching Indian summers, as observed and suggested by veteran child expert specialists from main school in Dwarka, Delhi:


·         Non-Vegetarian gravies and junk: Eating out mainly non-vegetarian gravies can be very difficult for the body to digest in summers. The digestive system of kids is vulnerable and is more prone to cause a lot of heat. Besides, it takes a lot of time for non-veg food to get digested and they are more likely to cause digestive problems in the scorching heat. They can easily get diarrhea and vomiting when not digested properly, say veteran child nutritionists at one of the top schools at Dwarka, Delhi.


·         Spicy and hot sauces: Spicy food generates a lot of heat in the body they increase the metabolism and lead to indigestion and bloating in the kids. Spices definitely improve the quality of food; however, too much of spices cause harm to the body. Kids especially are not used to consuming a lot of spices so, their vulnerable digestive tract get more irritated and taste buds get affected. Hence, it is better to cut down on spicy hot sauces which irritates the gut even more in summers, say an expert in child nutrition in one of the best school in Dwarka, Delhi.


·         Dairy products containing lactose sugar: Sugars especially consumed from daily take a lot of time to get digested in the track and although it makes your meal tastier cheese and butter make food richer and hence extremely difficult to get digested, say a senior nutritionist and health expert at one of the best schools in Dwarka. It increases the body heat and has the same effect on the body as non-veg gravies which affect the stomach lining and cause stomach ailments.


·         Tea, coffee, and other beverage: Consuming caffeine for kids is harmful and when it is taken in the summer it leads to more body heat and interferes with normal digestion. Hence, child experts say in best schools at Dwarka that they must be restricted to fruit juices and fruit coolers only.


They can always resort to fresh fruits and juices to cool down the body heat instead of consuming ice creams and other aerated beverages. Enjoy summer by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and have fun with fitness with your children this summer.