It is challenging situation to get the Nursery admission in any dream school of Noida. As parents, we were not aware how to approach multiple schools with different criteria especially facing interview of 2-3 years old Kid who has just learning walk in nature.

During last year when we moved from Delhi with our twin kids, I found Noida Schools were different culture & every school has different guidelines, different announcement date or even different criteria towards for same age child.


We visited different school & fill the admission form of school start from Apeejay, Father Agnel, Somerville, Bal Bharti, Indus valley, DPS, Khaitan, Amity & Cambridge School (We covered Almost all pillarsJJ)

By submitting the forms, we think that we completed our duty like in Delhi school & maybe won the Nursery admission race for our twin kids in one of the reputed school.

But we were wrong, it was just beginning of race & we have to cross most important hurdle i.e interview along with tiny kids swing moods.

We have found every school has different set of activities with few common question, as mention below:


Parents Interview Question:

1.     Why you want to enroll your ward in our school? (Most Important Question)

2.       As parents how much quality time you spend & how?( Important t Question for working Parents)

3.     As you are working, who will take care of kids & how they help in kid’s growth?

4.     What values would you like to inculcate in your kid?

5.     What is your expectation towards school?

6.     Do you think your child is ready for formal school apart from age criteria & how?

7.     When your child temper, how you deal with them?

8.     Are you in favor of home assignment if so what nature?

9.     As parents, what are your aspirations for the children?

10.  How do you help encourage your child to learn?

11.  How would you contribute to the growth of your child?

12.  How would you handle if your child cannot cope with school work or shows disinterest?

13.  Maybe you submitted forms to other schools, what better you find in our school?

14.  In what way you can help the school?

Kids Interview Question:

1.     What is your name?

2.     What is father name?

3.     What is your country name?

4.     How old are you?

5.     May shows some fruit /Animal /Shape / Vegetables/ Vehicle objects & ask the name

6.     Coloring activities: They may ask to color the activity sheet. May ask to identify the color. May ask the color of the dress. Advice to parents to wear the dress ( Self & kid) that color recognize by your kid

7.     They may offer some candy & see how you kid behave? How many quantity he/she will take, where they throw wrapper?

8.     Rhyme ( English & Hindi)

9.     Number recognition

10.  Animals Recognition

11.  Maybe take your child for 5-10 minutes & watch his/her behavior

Points require to taken care during interview day:

    1.      Reach to interview location not more than 30 minutes earlier.

    2.      Carry one water bottle

    3.      Carry all original documents, photographs & one set of photocopy documents

    4.   Take a leave from play school if the interview is scheduled in second half.


                  Most important point, if your ward did not get selected in the first interview, do not worry multiple good schools are still waiting to turn him /her to responsible citizen. 

 Best of Luck!!!!


Mukesh Goyal