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My DPS Noida Interview Experience -2018-2019 by Dr. Priyanka

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DPS Noida

DPS Noida admission process for nursery class started very early this year. The online admission forms  got open on 21 June till 30 June 2017 but later it got extended till 24 July 2017.

Anyways on 8 July I came  to know that their  admission  forms are 0pen. we filled the online form after  submitting the form online a login id and password was issued to us, which we had to use to check the status of our online form.

The first list of the short  listed  candidates  were suppose to come on 28july  but it got delayed due to some technical reasons and on 3 august2017 they updated it and we had to login id and  password  to check  status.

Around 10:30pm I checked  my status  and found that we were selected  for interaction  on 17 Aug 2017  at 8:30am. Their interaction process started  from 9 Aug. 2017 and continued for approx.  15 days  every day they called  somewhere  around 30-35 parents per day.

Many parents who were called on 9- 10 Aug. for interaction their result came by 12 aug'17. This made us very apprehensive at that moment.

On 17 aug17 at 8:15am we reached school gate. it was clearly mentioned that gates  will open for the parents  only  at the allotted  time. That day there were somewhere around25 parents n kids for interaction.

We were taken to a hall which had 2 desks n two covered rooms. At the 1st desk we had to deposit 1500 Rs collect prospectus, stick photos and sign on the form printout  provided  by school, attach birth certificate and address proof. we again had to submit this form to the  other  desk where we got a questionnaire  which had a few questions  like


  • Spare the rod spoil the child comment?
  • how can u inculcate  social skills in your child?
  • why DPS for your child?

while we were filling the questionnaire  my kid name was called for interview. Firstly he had to go alone for five minutes then after that one of the  parent had  to join.

When he was alone he was asked to do colouring n jumping  this is what  my kid told me then when I joined him, I saw there were 5 -6 desks n one teacher was interacting  with one kid.  my kid was asked to put beads in the thread one by one, then she showed a picture  to him which had sky land and water then some item were shown like helicopter, ship duck clouds car rainbow tree horse teacher asked him what is it and where will it go, there was a 4 piece puzzle of lion, showed him different fruits  and vegetables like potatoes, eggplant, lady finger banana  grapes and apple and asked him what is it and where will it go in fruit basket  or vegetable  basket,  pattern matching  ( 2 pink, 2 yellow) asked him arrange in a similar  way, showed him a sheet  which had pic of 6 items like mango burger fan etc. asked him what is it and then turned the sheet had asked  him to recall the items which he just saw in the sheet, he was  asked to recite  a poem also then we were asked to go and wait outside.

We were then taken to another hall where we were shown DPS  history and then jungle book movie.


We passed an hour watching the movie then we had an interaction with principal  and a teacher  where 5 parents  were called with their kids in a room and were  seated  in round table and  one by one we had to introduce  ourselves. That’s it we were then told that results will be out on 23 Aug. 2017 we had to check our status. on 23 Aug. 2017 afternoon we were glad to see that our kid was selected for Admission and we had to pay a draft of 1 Lac on 25 Aug. '17.



Dr. Priyanka Joshi

DPS Noida interview today

 I applied for DPS Noida on 2nd July . Checked my result on 25th July. Initially it was waitlisted but after  three days, status changed to shortlisted and got mail for interaction . Today we went to DPS Noida for Interaction.  First they  didn’t allow to enter and  asked to stand out of main gate and  we waited there for  half an  hour  and then allowed to enter . They had given us registration or application form to fill .  we also attached address proof , Birth certificate copy and two two photographs of parents and child. We paid Rs. 1500 for  prospectus and registration. . Then they took kids for 10 -15 mins. Asked them to Colour some picture , Recite a poem and few more . They there was interaction with Principal and she asked question. It was group interaction.. some more parents were also there. But questions were very  normal like

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