Exams often generate inexplicable anxiety and fear in the minds of students and sometimes their parents too. It is described by a stage beyond fear. Students face continuous stress which often results in a myriad of health and other psychological issues, explained a child expert at one of the No.1 schools in Noida. Exams represent different things to different people, but often for children it represents this life-threatening monstrous issue that highly impacts their daily activities and peace of mind  , explains veteran teacher at one of the very good schools in Noida. And today’s levels of competition do not spare even the well-prepared students with such fear.

Let us find what each household can do to reduce the stress levels of a student during exam days. Ideally, it should be handled as a long-term solution; however, let us find first aid solution to cure and contain the pressures, as described by senior teachers in a No.1 school in Noida:

Sufficient sleep:

Student routines should not be overlooked as far as sleeping routines are concerned. Staying up late and managing with 4 hours of sleep is a big NO-NO. Even during examination, students are required to sleep for 6-8 hours. It is pertinent to give the brain time to recover and grasp the learned lessons and retain it effectively, explained a veteran teacher at one of the very good schools in Noida.

Avoid caffeinated drinks:

Older students and teenagers usually get into this habit of staying up late by drinking coffee, tea, and other power drinks to boost their brains into grasping last minute concepts; however, it is best to stay away from such brain boosters. It might have a long term effect on their brain and also their performance the next morning may be hampered, says a child expert at one of the very good schools in Noida.

Relax :

It is important that your child take a short nap or play time outdoors after one exam before they start studying got the next exam. It is important to unwind and feel fresh after long hours of examination. Ideally, they should go outdoors for hour playing games and be sleeping for another hour or two to rejuvenate. Playing outdoors releases serotonin which is a stress buster. Alternately, a parent can take them out for a walk and avoid talking about exam during this time, suggests a veteran teacher at one of the no.1 schools in Noida.

Summon up :

It is important that you make sure that your child is not wasting any time learning anything new a night before the exam. For a simple reason that it is not practical or useful, they should only focus on revising and recollecting whatever was learned over the year, says a tenured teacher in one of the no.1 schools in Noida.

Healthy Diet:

Due to anxiety, often children ignore meal time and resort to only quick snack, which is a big no-no. A healthy diet is required for the child especially during the times of stress. Proper nutrition is required for the brain to function properly. Discourage the idea of not taking morning baths or having breakfast because it’s a waste of time, explain a senior teacher and life coach at one of the very good schools in Noida.

Along with the above mentioned tips, children should also control their anxiety levels by better preparations and belief in themselves and be confident. Reading the questions properly is required during the exam. After the exam is over avoid post-mortem of the paper as it is done and finished and it is simply a waste of time right now, one must do what is needed now. Outdoor play and rejuvenating sessions are important to reduce stress. All the best!