Sri Chaitanya Techno School established in the year 1986 and spreading across India and went on to become Asia’s largest educational group.  At Sri Chaitanya Techno School, We have our own R & D department to create a unique blend of world-class curricula, contemporary teaching methodologies, and equal focus on intellectual, physical and personality development. 


We endeavor to be the right mentor for IIT-JEE aspirants, while also helping them develop a global perspective, with a keen interest in community life. 


Our goal is to focus on the holistic development of each child and to give them a competitive edge with the help of an extensive curriculum and dynamic teaching methodologies.


Our curriculum is mainly designed to focus on math skills, knowledge and humanity, creative arts and crafts, language development.  Provides the right start for emotional and educational growth, developing interpersonal skills.


Activity based approach forms the backbone of our teaching methodology.  We induce the right kind of aptitude for global success. 

High School:


Sri Chaitanya has a strong curriculum, integrated the components of Maths, Physics, chemistry and biology which are needed for the various entrance exams.