(Positive Parenting tips by Mrs. Sudha Gupta)

Self-esteem is a trait that will be your child’s passport to a lifetime of mental health and social happiness. It is the foundation of the well-being of a child and his key to success as he grows up into an adult. Be it in any age, the way a person feels about himself affects how he acts. It is often seen that when you are feeling really good about yourself, you find it much easier to get along with others. The same goes with children too. Building self-esteem is one of the foremost steps in Positive Parenting.

Mrs. Sudha Gupta is one of the best parenting experts in India. Her seminars and articles are well-known and appreciated by all. Being an educationist parent herself, she knows what most of the parents feel and go through. Her tips on Positive Parenting involve introduction of a constructive and practical approach in parenting to make a positive improvement in children.

Here are a few simple tips on positive parenting by Mrs. Gupta on how you can build self-esteem in your child:

Practice attachment parenting

Begin with placing yourself in place of your child. Gain your child’s perspective. Ask yourself, ‘does your child feel loved?’ or ‘does he feel valuable?’ Make it a point that you shower praises on your child and make him feel special. Let him feel appreciated and loved. The child on the receiving end will develop self-worth and feel motivated.

Improve your own self-confidence

Parenting is a therapy. You often heal your own self when you care for your child. If there have been problems in your past that affect your parenting in the present, confront them. Do not hesitate to get psychological help if they are interfering with your ability as a parent.

Be a positive mirror

Much of a child’s self-image comes not only from what he perceives about himself, but also from how he thinks others perceive him. Children, especially kindergartners, learn about themselves from their parents’ reactions. What do you reflect on your child? Do you reflect a positive or a negative image to your child? Do his opinions matter to you? When you give positive reflections to your child, he learns to think good about himself.


Most of the behavioural problems that come for counselling come from low or poor self-worth in both parents and children. Self-image is one such perspective of how a child perceives oneself. He must always think of himself as someone who can make things work and someone who is worthy of love. Positive Parenting is an effective parenting concept that can easily bring a change in your child and develop self-esteem in him. Follow these tips on positive parenting and see the change yourself.