To develop self-control skills is important for your child because this helps in regulating behavior and emotional skills.Students, these days are more engaged in practical learning than the theoretical learning. Here are a few tips a teacher must work on to help their students developing self-control:Build their self-control strength  To build self-control strength you can engage your students in tasks that don’t involve self-control.  Tell your students not to allow their dominant hand in completing the tasks. Carry this on for the coming two weeks and see the results. Research has found that this particular technique has helped in reducing aggression of more than hundreds of students below the age of 10.Building mental energy levelThere are many students who plan how they would spend their time and others plan how they spend their confined level of mental energy. Being alert at what they have to do will preserve their mental energy and they will use it wherever required then.  This will further help them to achieve their future goals.With these few tips, you will be able to help your students to develop self-control and behavioral skills. Teachers at Presidium believe in fostering excellence in what they teach and this becomes the reason it is known as one of the best schools in Gurgaon.