Best Kids Creativity and summer camp activities in Hyderabad

Kids Creativity and summer camp activities in Hyderabad: Creativity is a combination of "Create an Activity" that means to explore something new. Creativity is something that comes out of one's own imagination. It is a very individual aspect and reflecting thought process. Therefore it is very important for all the individuals to have some creative time for themselves, especially for kids creativity time plays a significant role in facing their life. Hence imagining and exploring new areas is very important for kids to learn and grow. Children should be encouraged to have their own thought process because what they see as kids, we can't see as adults.

Let me quote an instance between a teacher and her student. Once a teacher gave blank white sheets to her students and asked them to colour them as they like. One of the student coloured the whole sheet in black. After seeing his sheet the teacher asked him "why have you coloured the whole sheet black?" To which the student replied “Madam because it's night time and night is black in colour". The teacher was amazed at the answer she got the student's thinking. This illustrates that children have their own understanding and logic behind everything hence we should not tell them to follow a certain pattern or a path.

We can develop these creative aspects of our child by giving them exposure to various activities according to their likes and dislikes. In this way they will not only enhance their creativity but they will also develop some knowledge and confidence in a new subject apart from what they study at school.

As the month of April approaches, parents get worried about how to engage their child in the summer holidays. One way is to send them for Summer Camps.

For engaging, developing and enhancing child's creativity OUR KIDZ is organizing a Summer Camp in the summer holidays starting in April. Participants will learn and engage in activities like hand print painting, crushed paper balls activity, dry snacks activity, Lego activities, Art & Craft, Origami etc....


Here’s an opportunity for all the children to put on their creative wings and fly in their imaginary world to build their dream castles.

Importance of sports and games in preschool

Importance of Sports and games in preschool: Sports and Games are very useful for physical development of child. So, it is very important to involve sports and games in academics for the children in their preschool age.

It involves physical exercise and Sports and games which gives enjoyment to participants and as well as good health to all the participants...

Increases in self-esteem and mental alertness make school sports and games necessary for every school age child.

Not only does it empower youth and promote higher self-esteem, it also motivates students.

Promoting physical activity should start from the nursery room.

Promoting athletics as a parent is a crucial factor in determining whether your child will be interested in participating in sports. Playing with your child, whether throwing a ball or teaching your wards how to swim, teaches them the importance of being active. Encouraging your school-age child to participate in a sport of their choice may be the reason they continue to play when they enter school.

Sports can also give participants new life skills.  Each team members contributes certain strength and talents, and hearing praise and positive feedback for those unique skills bolsters self-esteem and fosters a positive attitude. Sports also offer health benefits by burning excess calories and help tone bodies and build muscle.

Although sports bring many benefits, they can harm self-esteem and become unenjoyable in some cases. Sometimes, eager parents and coaches manipulate games and practices by exercising excessive control. In this case, children lose the valuable opportunity to make their own decisions and solve problems, which can cause negative experience in other aspects of their lives too.

Some kids never like playing organised sports. They feel shy about that, so in that case don’t compare your ward with others.  Give them motivation so they slowly escalate to group sports.


Even not only at school age but at all ages, sports is crucial for having healthy life n physique.

Importance of republic day celebrations

We are all proud citizens of India. 26th January is celebrated as Republic Day in India every year. On this day in 1950, India became a Democratic Republic. Celebrations are held every year on this day throughout the country on 26th January, The Constitution of India came into force and made India a Democratic Republic country. The people of our country rule themselves and all are equal and free. The government is ruled by candidates selected by the people of our country.

The Fundamental Rights and Duties of the people of the Republic in India have been laid down in our constitution. Every citizen of India is equal in the eye of law, and no one is to suffer because of religion, creed, caste, colour or race.

Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the First President of the Indian Republic, had asked us to think more of our duties than of our rights. Jawaharlal Nehru,   Prime Minister too, has again given us the same message. The people of India celebrate Republic Day with prided and honour. This is also a day of reunion. The People celebrate this day with their whole family. Republic Day is an official holiday and all the schools and colleges celebrate this day by organizing a little program and finally a parade of all boys and girls. They all march inside the campus of the schools and colleges and feel proud to be an Indian. Many people celebrate this day with their friends and loved ones too.

WE at our kids celebrated Republic Day with a lot of Patriotism and joy. The children were dressed in Tri-colour and wore Nehru caps and also coloured our National Flag learning the correct order of the colours. The School was decorated in Tri-Colour and the students sang “We shall Overcome “and the” National Anthem”


                                                                          Jai Hind!!!!!!


What is brain development?

·          At the time of birth newborn has all required cells for lifetime but not fully functioning and   

Complex thinking.

·          By age 3, the brain gets more connections as they need as adults. In middle childhood years they remains constant and then begins to decline in late childhood and through teen age years.

How parents will take care?

·        Parents have time, right from birth till 3years, to influence on helping to nurture child’s brain development.

·        Try to give positive environment which actually nourishes brain connection and avoid prolonged stress which creates negative pattern of thinking and feelings.

·        Loving, encouraging, responsive care lead to learning.

·        Parents can use advance language skill by reading to or talking to babies. Though it is not scientific method to make the kid smarter.

·        Sharing amiable relation and secured attachment with kids, will help them make better social adjustments and will also do nice in schools.

What is child care about?

·        There will not be interfere in development of parent-infant attachment by placing them into childcare.

·        For better development loving care, sensitive and stimulating experience is required.

·        The most essential elements for child care are communication between parents and care provider, child’s safety, warm & attentive relation between care provider and child.

·        Parents should be part of their child’s activity for better development.

What parents miss?


·        If not learning at proper age, it affects cognitive and behavioral developments of young ones.

Current trends in early childhood development

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