Seeking Admissionsin Millennium World School Bengaluru North

One of the most challenging decisions for parents these days is the admission of their child. Finding the right school for the child is the top priority for parents and one of the most difficult and time consuming decisions. Along with this the admission process can take a toll on the parents. Hence, at Millennium World School Bengaluru North, we offer an extremely simple admissions procedure. Being one of the top schools in Bengaluru, Millennium World School Bengaluru Northis a franchise of the well renowned Millennium Group of Schools. The group is rapidly expanding with presence in already above 40 cities across India. This leading K-12 school franchise company launched Millennium World School with a global approach, after the success of The Millennium Schools pan India. They have already had an impact on over 25000 children in different regions of our country. Being one of the best school franchises in India, Millennium World School Bengaluru North is a top CBSE school in Bengaluru. The academic year for all classes at the Millennium school begins in April and completes in March, every year. Parents can seek admission of their child anytime of the year. However, the admission will be on subject to availability of the seat. The child can start school with us at any time during the academic year. However, this is not applicable in the case of classes X and XII. Majority of admissions and enrolments occur during the months of November and February as the academic year commences from April. Our admissions team reviews applications for new admissions from November onwards every year. We suggest that parents must complete the process well in advance to avoid the last minute rush. Further, it is in the best interest of the child that she starts school right from the beginning of the academic year, except in unavoidable cases of transfer and relocation. We have our admission counselors to help parents understand more about our school. We encourage parents to visit our campus and meet our admissions counselors. They would show around the entire campus and provide complete information about our school, curriculum including academic and co-curricular activities. All queries of parents will also be addressed by these counselors. The timings to meet with our counselors is from 9 a.m. till 3 p.m. and they are available through the week Monday to Friday. On Saturdays, counselors are happy to welcome parents between 9.30 a.m. and 12.30 p.m. Like all educational institutions, our school is also closed on Sundays and public holidays. We understand the busy schedule of parents these days. So, we have our enquiry form or the registration form are also available online. For parents who face difficulty in taking out time to physically visit the campus multiple times, our forms can be filled online. Parents can then take a printout of the filled form and submit the hard copy at the school. Registration forms are also available at the school campus. Our admission process is quite transparent and we welcome any queries parents may have. We, at Millennium World School Bengaluru North, understand the significance of the decision of the child’s admission for parents, hence we make an effort to satisfy them by furnishing complete details about our school and make this entire process parent-friendly. For more information, you may visit our website or contact us on phone.

Simmi Pradhan

Hi Friends, MySelf SIMMI PRADHAN from Chandigarh, Punjab and also live in Delhi. Delhi is the center of state for every one since this city is to a great degree understood for New Delhi young ladies with create and hot structure. They wear Patiala suits, Jutes and march. Delhi is outstandingly notable for sustenance and religious place. My personal blog -

Somerville school interaction

Somervilleor School, Sector-22, Noida Interaction held on 2nd August, 2016 .Will be useful for Parents


Can someone guide on stages of admission in Noida, starting from play group...

Visva Bharti School, Noida- reviews

Hello all, any one whi can give reviews about Viswa Bharti School, Noida. LKG- Admissions have started.

What is Play-Way method of learning?

Play-way method of learning is a complete package that enables overall development of the child by developing in terms of feelings, intellect and skills parameters. It not only focuses on subjective development but the emotional development of the child as well. In this method of learning, playing acts as the driving force as the entire learning method revolves around activity-based learning. It encourages expression and creative skills among children. How effective is play-method of learning Surprisingly, the pre-primary stage of education is often overlooked but actually, it needs immense exploration and attention. The base of a child is formed right from pre-school. Play-way method of learning is very popular modus operandi of imparting knowledge to children and is introduced in major parts of India in preschools. While going to play school the child steps out of his/her home and the nutshell for the first time. Hence, if an environment of play is entertained for them in pre-schools than it will give them the feeling of comfort and will help them to createa bond with their teachers and other kids. Children’s always tend to get excited if certain fun element and play is involved in it. With this particular method, the child can give wings to their imagination ability. It enables the child to improve various skills like motor, creative, imaginative, aesthetic, cognitive, linguistic etc. The play-way method is a unique method of learning and can be customized as per the child’s interests and requirements. Hence, it may vary from child to child. Teachers should develop different customized learning activities by creating a joyful environment and shall plan the activities ranging from simple to complex. What can be best for child other than to get a completefeeling of freedom? This method of learning is unplanned and hence encourages the complete freedom of expression. The traditional methods of assessing kids based on grading system are completely eliminated under this method rather, the teachers assess the aptitudes and skills of a childon regular intervals and keep their parents informed about same. The children get promoted to next level by participating in ample of activities like music, communication with teachers and other kids, art, learning and inculcating skills etc. All these activities ensure the child’s development such as physical, intellectual, psychological along with the development of different skills. There is no rigid method of applying a play-way method of learning and it can be combined with other methods of learning as well. All the appropriate knowledge regarding this method can be acquired by preschool trainer certification. A school who wishes to incorporate a play-way method of learning in its curriculum needs to study every minute detail of it and prepare the set up accordingly. My Preparatory School in Kalyaninagar, Pune has been known for its effective method of play-way learning. Learn more about the 15 year old pre-primary school here. Principles of Play-way method • A practical approach helps in easy learning for the child. • The complete atmosphere of freedom is conductive for learning. • The customized method designed and adopted should suit the needs of the child. • Learning methods used should be related to real life rather than books. • This method provides a plethora of opportunities for the childto express themselves. Why Play-way method • It turns entire learning into fun element by involving play in it. • It develops the feeling of satisfaction among children. • Every child is given equal exposure and ample of opportunities for learning and participation. • Along with knowledge, it inculcates various other skills in a child. • It helps children to connect with peers and teachers easily. • It facilitates the overall and holistic development.


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