KG Admission

Please let me know when KG school forms will be available.

Khaitan-Noida interaction

I had interaction today at Khaitan. Interaction time was 10.30. Entry was given at 10.25 am. Registration fees of Rs 500 was submitted at reception. They take the child separately in another room with other kids. (They offer "Gems" to the child to make them comfortable). Meanwhile parents are asked to fill up 2 page questionnaire..simple questions. Not sure what is being done in kid's room. My son did not tell me..what he did.. Then parents in group (around 20) are taken in separate room alongwith kids, where they are asked to give short introduction.They then say few words about Khaitan. (3 ladies-->Co-ordinator, Principal and education minister).

Nursery Admission

Please i need your guidance I want to admission of my daughter in Nursery class


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