east delhi nursery addmisiions

Please guide ,which are the best school in est delhi and does and the fee structure.,when are forms avalible,does any school also have a day care facility .. ppl please guide .. thanks in Advance

FAQ- Common questions for filling up Admission forms

Based on queries asked by parents on our groups, we have complied list of common questions

For admission in class 1st

I am seeking for the admission for my daughter in 1st class. Kindly suggest any school near sector 10, gurgaon

How is DAV Public School Sarla chopra Noida?

Can some one advice me on DAV Public school Noida?? Sec 56

Interaction at DPS Noida

We were called for interaction at DPS Noida. There were around 30-35 students called in the same batch. though the email said the Interaction time slot is 8:30AM to 8:35 AM , the entire process took around 3 hours. So be prepared and carry some handy snacks like wafers, biscuits and water etc for the child. On entry, we were asked to pay Rs1500 for the school prospectus post which we were given a questionnaire to fill. This had basic information of the child and the parents. The questions asked were like who takes care of the child when both parents are working, Why would you choose DPS as a school for your child? While the parents are filling up the form, the child is taken to a differnet area. They allow the parents to accompany the child as well. Following were the activities the child had to do: 1. Recite a poen in Hindi and English 2. Pattern matching: There was a board where a square was formed with 4 beads of different colors. The child had to form an identical square using beads and match the color pattern as well. They even asked the child to identify colors in this activity 3. Put the shapes in the respective blocks (the shapes were small and not the usual square, rectangle ones.. they had given the long star, a shorter star, hexagon, trapezium etc type shapes) 4. A board having 5 boxes. 4 of these had a fish on it. From a set of items, the child had to identify the correct fish and place it in the 5th box which was empty. There were 5 such sets to be matched 5. Color identification: There was a duck of 2 shades. This was followed by 4 boxes having different colors. Child had to identify the box which had the same color combination as the duck. Again there were 5 such sets to be identified 6. Puzzle solving: A 4 piece puzzle (tiger) was given to be completed. There were no slots for the child to fit the puzzle pieces. It was just the cardboard cutout broken in 4 pieces to be joined by the child on the table 7. The child had to walk on a wooden ramp 8. The child was made to jump in and jump out of a ring 9. Fruits and Vegetables identification and classification: Pumpkin, brinjal, apple, strawbberry, banana etc were shown and the child had to identify them and put the fruits and vegetables in the respective baskets 10. Coloring Activity: The worksheet had grapes. So first the teacher asked to identify the object, then she asked what color are the grapes (expectation was that the child should answer both purple and green) and then they see if the child is picking up the right color and coloring Post this, we were taken to a room where some facts on DPS were played on a projector. Then parents in set of 5 were called to meet the principal. There we had just a minute to introduce ourseleves and share any detail we want to share for our child. My daughter got selected for the final admission. On the day of admission, they have asked to deposit 1 lakh. Additionally there is an option to either pay 10k or 20k for the school Gaurvi that they run. The child has to be taken along for the final admission as there is a doctor who examines the child on the day of the admission.


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