Interview Experience at Amity Vasundhara Sec6

The Interaction at Amity Vasundhara Sector 6.

Today was my 2nd round (The Interaction) at Amity Vasundhara Sector 6.

I arrived sharp at 9.30 am, my scheduled time. We aere asked to be seated at the Admissions office who verified all originals..

  • Proof of last School ( basically last degree) Attended
  •  Occupation proof
  • Original birth Certificate
  • Address Proof

Was asked to wait for about sometime while others were having their interactions.

While the kids had the fun time with and slides set up outside little did they know what their parents were going through inside… After sometime we were directed to the room we were supposed to have our second round.

Our son also accompanied us to the room…He was asked how are you..? And nothing else specific… I guess he was having a free time with a teacher sitting at a corner in the same room…she kept him engaged with toys ect.

A very charming middle aged women greeted us and asked her a couple of questions..

  • Tell us something about yourself directed to both Father and Mother Separately/ nature of work ect? Family type?
  • What is your biggest challenge as working parents?
  • Who takes care of your kid in your absence?
  • How do you spend time with your child? Weekend & Weekdays ect?
  • A gentleman in the room asked my husband…Why Amity? Have you filled forms for other schools?
  • What are your expectations from Amity?

P.S: I am not quite sure how they would be assessing parents….

Whilst this entire recollection only thing that rings my mind is….. every parents gets what they aspire…….because it is after all about our special little ones!!

Interview Experience at Amity Vasundhara Sec6

Sharing little of my experience at the 1st Round for Amity Vasundhara Sec6.

We were required to submit the documents and the printed form and were handed over a Questionnaire..i must say too much of a Examination Question paper it appeared to me

The first page has detailed questions about Maternal Grandparents and Paternal Grandparents educational qualifications starting from grade X. Working hours of parents Languages spoken at home by child , mother  &father at home

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