10 Things All DPSG Kids Should Know

Be Yourself Always remember, there is no one like you. You are beautiful and unique- and you should always be the best version of yourself. You should never try to be like someone else. Learn from all the good people around you- explore new things- but you should be confident of yourself. - Stop Worrying It is quite natural to hyperventilate at times. And reasons could be anything from failing to crack an exam to not wearing cool clothes. Don’t worry. The idle way is to start making mistakes and thinking how you can rectify them. Take decisions and have faith in your decisions. Most importantly do not worry once you are done with it. Worrying will spoil your present. - Appreciate One of the utmost important things to remember is to learn how to appreciate. Take some time to appreciate the little things in your life. They will bring joy and happiness into your life. You will get a new perspective once you start appreciating the small things in life. Why don’t you capture those moments? Share them with your loved ones. Joy is not temporary - it’s a beautiful moment that will always be in your mind and heart. - Convictions vs Adaptive Nature Believing in what is right and what is wrong means you hold great convictions. You should have faith in your decisions but it doesn’t mean that you will become stubborn. However, when you are required mold your methods or your way of life imbibe adaptive nature too. Develop a power of listening. It will help you get a new perspective. - Be Grateful Do you greet the cashier? Do you say “thank you” when the waiter serves you food? Greet everyone. Put your phone down for some time. Talk to them. Open the car doors to help your mom in carrying the shopping bags, or look for different ways to help others. Sometimes, all you need to do is smile and be grateful about all the things around you. - Love Yourself You can always be busy and do your regular things. With your busy schedule, take some time off to do what you love the most. Play soccer with playing mates, or go out for a walk with your pet dog. Sit with your loved ones and talk about life in general. Just shed those thoughts down of worriedness and enjoy the moment of loving yourself doing little things. - Read There is a famous quote – You are never alone when you are reading. Reading is like a therapy. Pick a book. Or you can also download one on a kindle. Just read. If you don’t like that book, pick a second one, still don’t like it – pick a third, fourth until you find the right one. Look for books on culture, fiction, or any specific genres which you like. The more you read, the more you will explore. - Respect Always choose your words wisely. It’s easy to be disrespectful but it won’t help you. People will assume you as an individual who lacks the self-controlling skill. Needless to mention, there are certain circumstances where you need to be bold. That’s absolutely okay. But never feel belittled if something doesn’t seem right to you. Speak up when you are ought to. Self-respecting is equally important. - Hard Work Never ever give up no matter how tough the situation is. Remember the most popular scene in “FACING THE GIANTS” where one of the kids thinks that he cannot reach ten yards. If you have seen the movie, you must know that he covered the entire length in the football field. He never gave up. He pushed himself to work more hard. Most of the good things in life take tremendous amount of good work. If you don’t work hard, someone else will. Never escape from working hard, if you aim to achieve success in life. - We are there for you. Yes, we are with our whole heart. In all the good and the bad times times, you will always find our teachers and friends from DPSG to guide and support you. Don’t fret of being alone in the sea of crowd, reach out to us whenever you want. Pour your heart out to us. And you should always know and understand that you are deeply loved by your loved ones. We have immense faith in what you are doing right now will make you accomplish in the coming years. You will be loved forever.

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Admission in 8thclass in Dwarka


I wants to take the admission in your Ghaziabad unit in class 3rd... now is it possible??


I want the admission of my daughter in KG in reputed CBSE school in central or West Delhi. She is 4+ year old. Please tell me the seats available in the schools.

Admission to Nursery for 20018-19 batch in father agnel Noida

can any one let me know when will the forms of nursery will be availabe for 2018-19 sesion


Education is a debt which society owes to future generations, in which schools play the most important role. It has been Silver Line’s endeavour since ever to give quality to make good citizens, who have high morale as well as high moral values. Silver Line leaves no stone unturned in shaping up personalities, who have realization of right and wrong, children who will be solely responsible in shaping the future of our nation.


My son will be 3 on 21 st dec 2016 ... Is he elligible for nursery admissions.... I want him to get in St. marks janakpuri

Amity noida interaction

We had an interaction session on 10 aug and rhey told us to check the results online on 12aug after 6pm...the status still showing blank...anybody has the information regarding the final list or the selection

Amity Noida Interaction Journey

We went to Amity Noida on 4th of August 2016 for the submission of form at 3 pm that day we were given a set of questions which had to be completed within 40 minutes. We had to fill child’s detail, parent’s education and age details, child’s paternal and maternal grandfather/mother education and age details. After that there were some of questions as below. 1. Is behaviour caught or taught? Your comment. 2. What do you thing about current education scenario? 3. How do you deal with your child when he is restless? 4. How do you deal if your child bring tiffin incomplete 5. Prioritize your parenting style and six options are given? 6. What are the values you want to inculcate in your child? 7. How do you deal when he /she misbehave in public? 8. There were fourteen points and you have to choose 10 point of your kids characteristics. Result came after 2 days online and we were selected. Second Round Interaction was on 8th of August 2016 at 1 pm. We were asked to sit in a big hall where many parents were sitting already. Verification of documents such as age proof of child, address proof etc were verified with originals. After that we were given one page questionnaire form to fill. And questions were as below: 1. Why you choose amity? 2. How can you help your child for growth? 3. Rate your preference point wise: Distance from school, Student teacher ratio, academics, extracurricular activities and sports. 4. If mother is working who take care of your kid. Education qualification of person who takes care. 5. How routine helps one. After submission of form we went for personal interaction. There were three lady teachers sitting for the interaction and one teacher for our kid’s interaction, don’t know what she asked from our child but the teacher who interacted with our child was happy. In the interaction session they asked questions like: if you both are working then who takes care of your kid in your absence. What is your office timing? How you commute from home to office? What is your job profile? Etc. In the first list we were not selected. One day later status was ‘’Second list shall be published on 30 th sep. 2016’’. But we kept checking daily the status. Finally on 16 august 2016, status was ‘’ Congratulations, your kid is selected and about submission of fee. This was big relief to us. But we never got intimation through email or phone or any other way except online status. Don’t know why they did not inform. As fee submission date was only day after we saw the result. Finally we got admission in Amity. Fee was approx 85000 including first quarter fee. Thanks.

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